Expert care for elderly skin with TENA ProSkin™

A smiling nurse attends a nursing home resident.
A close view of a middle-aged person's skin. A graphic shows "1 Keep it dry, 2 Keep it clean and 3 Keep it protected," with three TENA products: ProSkin Stretch Ultra Incontinence Briefs, ProSkin Wet Wipes, and ProSkin Barrier Cream.

Introducing the TENA ProSkin 3-step skin health solution

The TENA ProSkin™ 3-step skin health solution is a skincare routine and range of products specifically designed to deal with incontinence and aging skin. Following an optimal skin care routine helps fight incontinence-associated dermatitis,1 which can be painful, and costly to treat.

Start using the TENA ProSkin 3-step skin health solution in your care home to help reduce incontinence-related skin issues, and improve your residents' independence and quality of life.

A close view of hands squeezing protective cream out of a tube.

Aging skin needs extra care

After more than 60 years working with skilled nurses, one thing we've learned here at TENA is that incontinence care and skin care are correlated. As skin ages, it becomes thin and fragile and takes longer to heal. Skin irritation can also be painful, and treatment may be costly and time-consuming. 

Managing wetness on the skin is a key factor in helping to lower the incidence of dermatitis. This is because wet skin is weaker than dry skin, making it more susceptible to abrasion.1 Over-hydration of the skin also makes it easier for irritants from urine and feces to soak through, while excess moisture on the surface of the skin can become a breeding ground for bacteria, sores and infection.

The TENA ProSkin 3-step skin health solution helps reduce the risk of skin issues

TENA ProSkin Stretch Protective Underwear

Keep it dry

Managing wetness on the skin is a key factor in helping to prevent dermatitis.1 TENA ProSkin™ absorbent products, with ConfoAir® Fully Breathable Technology, provide fast absorption to help reduce moisture on skin, while remaining breathable.

TENA ProSkin Wet Wipes

Keep it clean

TENA ProSkin™ Wipes are adult-sized, pre-moistened wipes no rinsing required. Choose between Classic (gentle cleansing), Ultra (gentle cleansing and conditioning) and TENA UltraFlush® (gentle cleansing). For effective, yet gentle cleansing of fecal residue, use with TENA ProSkin™ Cleansing Cream.

TENA ProSkin Barrier Cream

Keep it protected

TENA ProSkin™ Barrier Cream works to create a layer on your loved one's skin that seals out moisture. It also soothes chafed skin and helps prevent skin rashes due to incontinence. Containing dimethicone and a blend of natural oils, TENA ProSkin™ Barrier Cream is formulated for easy application and absorption into the skin.

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