Introducing improved TENA ProSkin Flex – for providing better comfort and care

A seated elderly resident talking with a standing professional caregiver in a care home environment

At TENA, we are always looking for new ways to improve. New ways to make caring easier and more effective. So, when developing our latest TENA ProSkin absorbent product, we didn’t only consider the needs of the wearer. We also designed it to facilitate work for the caregivers who are facing more challenges than ever.

This insight led to the new, improved TENA ProSkin Flex. The TENA ProSkin Flex not only provides comfort, protection and leakage security, it also features two unique new design innovations that make product changes faster, easier and more ergonomic than ever

Improved with two unique new design innovations

A close-up image showing how the blue Smart FingerLift™ tab works

Smart FingerLift™

The first innovation is the smart, distinctive blue Smart FingerLift™ tab. The FingerLift™ tab combines with the white belt to clearly show where the belt opens. As well as making the belt easier to open, this also helps get the product ready for application more quickly.

A close-up image showing the stretchability of the redesigned COMFIStretch™ belt

Redesigned COMFIStretch™

The second innovation is the redesigned soft elastic COMFIStretch™ belt. The belt easily adjusts to fit different body shapes, providing a secure, comfortable fit and great leakage security. For ease of use, it can be fastened at the front or back, while the ergonomic, easy-to-use design means less back bending, which reduces physical strain on professional caregivers.

An elderly resident relaxes on a bed in a care home environment

For more effective care and better skin health

A product professional caregivers really value

“Softer. The belt is more elastic. The blue tab leads to immediate opening. Easier to put on. Gentler on the skin.” 1 

Professional caregiver, Italy 

“More elastic, adheres to various body shapes, retains leaks better.” 1 

Professional caregiver, Italy 

“Easier to use, more flexible, convenient for the user, easier to get in place.” 1 

Professional caregiver, Sweden

1. Based on customer in-use market study 2020, Italy and Sweden by Origo

Hands holding a small globe with the TENA Protects graphic and the renewable electricity graphic.

Making a better mark

With our sustainability programme TENA Protects, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint in Europe by 50% by 2030. 

We've already made a giant step by switching to 100% certified renewable electricity in all our factories across Europe in 2020. This has reduced the carbon footprint of our assortment by an average of 6%. But we won’t stop there.

An image showing the improved TENA ProSkin Flex packaging with the Nordic Swan ecolabel graphic, renewable electricity graphic and reduced CO2 packaging graphic.

Packaged with care

With TENA ProSkin Flex, we’ve not only improved our product. We’ve also improved our packaging so that it has less impact on the environment. 

Our new plastic packaging contains 40% recycled plastic, and its carbon footprint is reduced by 16% compared to 100% fossil-based packaging.

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