TENA ProSkin Pants for greater independence

TENA ProSkin Pants is part of the TENA Proskin range, designed to promote skin health and give people affected by incontinence the chance to remain independent and mobile, so making a positive contribution to their everyday life. As the pull-up fit of TENA ProSkin Pants resembles regular underwear, it gives users confidence and saves time for carers. The textile-like, breathable materials allow air to circulate for skin health and comfort. And the latest moisture-reducing technologies ensure high levels of absorbency, leakage security and odour control.

TENA ProSkin Pants for greater independence

Keeping moisture away from the skin

Featuring FeelDry Advanced™ functionality, TENA ProSkin Pants is highly absorbent. For added security, Plus, Super and Maxi come with a unique core technology called Dual Absorption Zone. This efficiently channels moisture away from the skin, while its slim design allows for a body-close fit.

Staying independent – boosting confidence

The fully breathable TENA ProSkin Pants, intended for mobile and semi mobile residents, supports self-toileting and is as easy to put on and pull off as normal underwear. The latest absorbency technologies, alongside soft leakage barriers, support dignity by helping users feel drier, more secure and more comfortable.

TENA ProSkin pants

Working towards better skin health

TENA works closely with its healthcare partners and is always looking to find new ways to help you improve care. We developed TENA ProSkin out of the understanding that maintaining skin health is an essential part of incontinence care. The TENA ProSkin range features absorbing products, including Pants, and skin care products – all designed to work together holistically to care for fragile elderly skin.

Three steps to skin health

TENA has developed a three step skin health solution for those living with incontinence. Our years of expertise have shown us that these three steps are the most important principles in maintaining natural skin health:

Keep it dry

Keep it dry using TENA ProSkin absorbing products with FeelDry Advanced™ functionality

Keep it clean

Keep it clean with TENA ProSkin wipes and wash creams

Keep it protected

Keep it protected by applying TENA ProSkin barrier or zinc creams

Skin safety assurance

We developed TENA ProSkin to meet the challenge of improving skin health in the elderly and to better support health care professionals. For added peace of mind, the Skin Health Alliance has endorsed all TENA ProSkin products so you can be sure they are always skin-friendly and meet the highest standards.

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