TENA ProSkin Slip & Comfort for better incontinence care

We developed TENA ProSkin out of the understanding that maintaining healthy skin is vital to preserving the dignity of people with incontinence and making them feel comfortable. Focusing on incontinence skin care also supports carers in their work, and can increase efficiency by reducing time spent on skin-related issues. TENA ProSkin Slip and Comfort have both been updated to offer better functionality. An improved absorbent layer keeps moisture away from the skin, while the fully breathable material means the products better support a natural skin balance.

TENA ProSkin Slip and Comfort

Reducing exposure to moisture

TENA ProSkin Slip and Comfort both feature FeelDry Advanced™ which quickly draws liquid away from the surface, keeping the skin dry. This offers improved dryness and less likelihood of rewet. As the skin is kept drier, it’s easier to maintain the skin’s natural balance and help users feel more comfortable.

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Allowing humidity to escape

TENA ProSkin Slip and Comfort not only minimise exposure to moisture but offer breathability due to ConfioAir™, a functionality designed to stop the build-up of humidity between the skin and the product. Our research shows that improved breathability leads to increased wellbeing in people with incontinence because it helps maintain healthy skin. And for added comfort, the textile-feel back-sheet and sides feel soft to the touch, especially for elderly skin.

Improving skin health with TENA ProSkin Slip

The FeelDry Advanced™ and ConfioAir™ functionalities in TENA ProSkin Slip result in a slimmer product with improved dryness and breathability, supporting better skin health for older skin. TENA ProSkin Slip ensures a body-close fit which means greater leakage security and greater peace of mind for the wearer. Wide hook tapes are easy to fasten and adjust so they can be tailored to individual needs.

Increasing wellbeing with TENA ProSkin Comfort

Our absorbent product TENA ProSkin Comfort, used with Fixation Pants, is now part of the TENA ProSkin range for better skin health. The textile-like back-sheet has added softness for the user and FeelDry Advanced™, with the new distribution layer, draws liquid away from the surface, keeping the skin dry. TENA ProSkin Comfort offers more effective moisture reduction and ConfioAir™ breathability, making the wearer more comfortable. 

Three steps to skin health

TENA has developed a three step skin health solution for those living with incontinence. Our years of expertise have shown us that these three steps are the most important principles in maintaining natural skin health:

Keep it dry

Keep it dry using TENA ProSkin absorbing products with FeelDry Advanced™ functionality

Keep it clean

Keep it clean with TENA ProSkin wipes and wash creams

Keep it protected

Keep it protected by applying TENA ProSkin barrier or zinc creams

Bringing together skin health and incontinence care

We developed TENA ProSkin to meet the challenge of improving skin health in the elderly and to better support health care professionals. For added peace of mind, the Skin Health Alliance has endorsed all TENA ProSkin products so you can be sure they are always skin-friendly and meet the highest standards.

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Our TENA ProSkin Slip and Comfort product ranges


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