Incontinence liners for women

Discreet and secure incontinence liners for women

Discover TENA´s range of discreet protection for light bladder leakage and small urine leaks especially designed for women. The incontinence panty liners come in different lengths, colors and absorbency levels so you can find the liner that works best for you. They are thin like regular panty liners but surprisingly secure and quickly locks in leaks for great protection against occasional drops when exercising, sneezing or laughing. So thin you will hardly notice it is there, great to wear every day just in case, so that light urine leaks won´t keep you from doing what you want.

Incontinence liners for women

TENA Discreet Mini Magic | Incontinence liner

The most discreet liner in the TENA Discreet range

TENA Discreet Ultra Mini | Incontinence liner

The regular sized liner in the TENA Discreet range