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Find the right product for your loved one

As the world’s leading incontinence brand*, we’re here to help you find the right product for your loved one. We've got a wide range of TENA products that provide secure protection against leaks for all types of incontinence needs and also help to protect skin health.

Woman wearing TENA Pants during the day.

Protective underwear

TENA Pants

Just like regular underwear, TENA Pants are easy to pull up and down, and provide protection from moderate to heavy incontinence. Perfect if your loved one is still mobile and can go to the bathroom on their own. The underwear style also works well for dementia sufferers.

Discreet, easy protection


Specifically designed to fit into everyday underwear, TENA Pads provide discreet protection for those who are more mobile. They come in variants for men and women, designed to suit each body type and provide discreet, secure protection. They also come in night variants, too.

Carer fitting TENA Slip briefs on a woman lying in bed.

Secure, maximum protection

TENA Slip range

If your loved one can’t move about very well, TENA Slip provides secure protection against heavier leaks and are easy to change while they’re in bed. They're great for use throughout the day and night.
Carer smoothing out TENA Flex briefs on a woman lying in bed.

Secure & flexible to fit


TENA Flex is a great option for loved ones who are less mobile and need protection against heavier leaks. It also has a belt fastening system that makes it even easier to fit and change, either lying or standing. 
Man wearing TENA Pants at night time.

Protection at night

TENA products for Night

For extra protection overnight, try our products that are made specifically for night time with built in lie-down protection. They absorb leakage exactly where it’s needed and make sure that you both get a good night’s sleep.
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Better care for everyone

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy TENA products?
Click here to find out where to buy TENA products.
Can I get financial support?
There are lots of different ways to get financial help. Click here to learn more about financial support for carers.
Where can I go for more advice?
We’ve got lots of advice for carers to help you on your journey through caregiving. Click here to learn more.