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Get the right level of absorbency for your loved one

Why is it important to get the right absorbency level?

Whether your loved one has light leaks or full flows, it's important to get an absorbency product that suits their needs. The level of absorption is based on the amount of leakage throughout the day. This can change depending on drinking patterns and how often they are changing and going to the bathroom. Incontinence products should not be used as a replacement for toileting, so help your loved one visit the loo if they are able to. 

Don’t use a product that’s more absorbent than necessary, as you’ll increase cost and waste, unnecessarily. At TENA, we use a drops scale to indicate the level of absorbency, designed to help you make the right choice. Find out how to use the scale below.  

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Light leaks

If your loved one is experiencing light leaks, we'd recommended using our liners or pads. We have a range of absorbent products for men and women that cover different levels of absorbency for light leaks and also come in night variants. 
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Moderate leaks

Moderate leaks let out more urine than just a few drips and drops here and there, so a bit more absorbency is needed. We have a pads, pants and briefs that can handle moderate leaks.
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Full flows

If your loved one isn't very mobile, they might need a higher absorbency level if they can't make it to the loo. Urge incontinence can cause the entire bladder to empty and that's when you really need high absorbency level pants or briefs to handle a full flow. 

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