and Skin Care are two areas commonly linked to caregiving. Learn more how TENA, with over 60 years of experience, can help you in your caregiving.


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Incontinence liners for women

Discover TENA´s range of discreet protection for light bladder leakage and small urine leaks especially designed for women. The incontinence panty liners come in different lengths, colors and absorbency levels so you can find the liner that works best for you. They are thin like regular panty liners but surprisingly secure and quickly locks in leaks for great protection against occasional drops when exercising, sneezing or laughing. So thin you will hardly notice it is there, great to wear every day just in case, so that light urine leaks won´t keep you from doing what you want.

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Incontinence pads for women

Discover TENA´s broad range of incredible protection for small urine leaks up to large leaks - all especially designed for women. The incontinence pads are ideal when experiencing those unpredictable urine leaks when exercising, laughing or just going about your everyday life. With the incontinence pads you can feel dry and confident with the security you need and the discretion you want, both day and night. The bladder weakness pads come in different shapes, length, colors and absorbency levels to best meet your needs, all with odour control. They all have fast absorption and quickly locks in urine leaks deep inside the pad, away from the skin for a dry, fresh and comfortable feeling. The trusted incontinence pads for women from TENA are the perfect everyday choice for any women with bladder weakness. Go about your life as usual without worrying about those urine leaks that can be so unpredictable.

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TENA Discreet Ultra Pad Mini | Incontinence pad

Our thinnest TENA Discreet pads offering discreet and secure protection for light bladder weakness

TENA Discreet Mini Plus | Incontinence pad

Discreet and secure pad for light to medium bladder weakness

TENA Discreet Normal | Incontinence pad

Discreet and secure pad for medium bladder weakness

TENA Comfort Mini Super

Designed for medium urine leakage with added length providing additional security

TENA Discreet Maxi Night | Incontinence pad

Designed for heavier bladder leakage with added absorbency and coverage at the back. Specifically for night time protection

TENA Discreet Extra Plus | Incontinence pad

Secure incontinence pad for medium to heavy unexpected urine leaks.

Incontinence underwear for women

Beautifully discreet, TENAs range of women’s incontinence underwear are secure against urine leaks and odour. The feminine bladder weakness panties come in different styles, colours and sizes with freedom to match with clothes and occasions. The ideal solution for women with bladder leakage. Just like underwear. Protects like TENA.

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Incontinence pads for men

TENA's incontinence pads for men offer secure protection against drops and dribbles up to large urine leaks and surges. TENA Men pads have discreet design and are equipped with super absorption upfront where men need it most.The range of incontinence pads for men come in different shapes, sizes and absorbency levels so you can find the best product for your needs. They are easy to use in your regular underwear.No matter which incontinence product you choose, you’ll enjoy discreet, comfortable and effective everyday protection against male urine leakage. Stay as active as you want with these protective pads made especially for guys.

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Incontinence Pants

TENA’s range of disposable incontinence pants are soft and comfortable for both men and women, great for day and night. Designed to be worn like regular, stretchy underwear for an active everyday life. The adult incontinence pull-up pants come in a wide range of sizes to fit any body shape and level of urine leakage – so you can find the best product for your needs. Unlike standard adult diapers, TENA disposable incontinence pants have advanced moisture-reducing technologies to ensure dryness, leakage security and odour control. Made from soft and breathable materials, TENA’s unisex incontinence pants have a comfortable body-close fit for leakage security, skin health and freedom of movement.

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TENA Pants Normal | Incontinence pants

Protection for medium to heavy urine leakage that fits just like underwear

TENA Pants Plus | Incontinence pants

Protection for medium to heavy urine leakage that fits just like underwear

TENA Pants Plus Classic | Incontinence pants

Protection for medium to heavy bladder leakage that fits just like underwear

TENA Pants Super | Incontinence pants

Protection for medium to heavy urine leakage that fits just like underwear

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TENA ProSkin Flex Normal | Belted incontinence briefs

Absorbent incontinence briefs with elastic belt for easy & ergonomic changes

Incontinence briefs with tabs | Slip

TENA Slip is a range of open incontinence briefs that are often referred to as slips, adult diapers or adult nappies. It is a popular all-in-one incontinence product, designed with strong, adjustable tabs for best fit, providing optimal dryness and leakage protection.The easy-to-use tabs or tape can be refastened again and again. Sitting or lying down, the all-in-one incontinence briefs are quick and easy to change. TENA Slip are designed to be used by both men, women and children with medium to heavy incontinence. With outstanding absorbency and comfort they are ideal for those who are sitting or lying down a large part of the day while also promoting skin health.

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Large incontinence pads | Comfort

The TENA Comfort range consists of large shaped unisex incontinence pads made for those who require a high absorbency incontinence product and wish to continue using pads. Also referred to as two-piece or insert pads systems, they are best worn with reusable, stretchy fixation pants or close-fitting underwear – keeping the pad securely in place and close to the body at all times.With outstanding absorbency, dryness and comfort they are popular choice for managing medium to heavy urine leakage while also promoting skin health. Standing up or lying down, they are always quick and easy to fit and change. There are several different pad sizes and levels of absorbency to choose from.

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Fixation pants

The TENA range of washable and reusable fixation pants holds incontinence products securely in place. Regardless if it’s smaller pads or large, shaped incontinence pads, the fixation pants hold the pad in place to reduce the risk of urine leakage while maximising comfort. The range vary from net or mesh pants, primarily intended for short-time use, to underwear-like cotton mixtures, for comfortable daily use. TENA’s fixation pants have a stretchy unisex design to minimise pressure points, yet a reliable fixation and a great fit. To maximise the usage of the reusable fixation pants, they can all be washed at 60 degrees and tumble-dried on low to medium heat. Doing so, they can be worn again and again without losing shape.

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TENA Fix | Incontinence fixation pants

A reusable and breathable fixation pant for securing large, shaped incontinence pads.

Bed protection

TENA Bed protection range consists of disposable and protective bed pads, covers and sheets. They act as a secure layer on mattresses, chairs, sofas, wheelchairs and other surfaces. There are many alternatives for managing accidental urine loss to fit every need. Incontinence bed protection products are available in a large number of sizes and shapes, to fit every surface that might need protection. There are options to use primarily during hygiene procedures, such as changing absorbent incontinence products. TENA’s incontinence bed protectors lock in and distributes liquid evenly across the sheet or pad. Ideal for managing bed wetting.

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TENA Bed Secure Zone Plus | Incontinence bed pads

Incontinence bed and chair protection for accidental urine loss

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LIBERO Comfort Maxi Size 5

Great wearing comfort with comfortable stretch.

Libero UP&GO 7

An adaptable diaper providing freedom of movement.

Skincare & cleansing

Cleansing Wipes & Creams

A good cleansing routine is key to prevent skin irritation. Choose from the wide range of cleansing wet wipes, dry wipes, cloths, cleansers, wash mousse and other cleansing incontinence skin care products. The cleansing products from TENA are a gentle alternative to soap and water. They gently cleanse and protect even the most delicate and fragile skin. All products are carefully developed for incontinence care, ideal when changing incontinence products or for full body cleansing in bed or in the washroom. Great for frequent cleansing when soap and water may otherwise dry the skin. While absorbing products reduce the skin’s contact with moisture, our skin care assortment takes care of gentle cleansing and skin protection. TENA cleansing products are especially gentle for fragile skin, but always effective. All wipes are designed and appropriately sized for adults. Find the incontinence cleansing product that is best for your needs and keep the skin fresh, clean and healthy.

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TENA ProSkin Shampoo & Shower

Shampoo and shower gel combined for daily use