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TENA Slip Super S & XL | All-in-one incontinence product

TENA Slip Super S & XL | All-in-one incontinence product

Protection for heavy urine leakage



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  • Triple Protection for Skin Health

  • FeelDry Advanced™

  • Highly absorbent core

TENA Slip Super is an open all-in-one incontinence product with adjustable tabs for perfect fit, comfort and leakage protection. Unlike many standard adult diapers, TENA ProSkin Slip have soft textile-like material, a body-close fit and high leakage security and are ideal for someone less mobile or when changing in bed. Thanks to the FeelDry Advanced™ functionality the product quickly draws the liquid away from the surface, keeping the skin dry. The fast absorbing core then rapidly locks in urine, even in larger quantities, for dryness and the fully breathable ConfioAir™ back-sheet allows skin to breathe. All these features help to maintain natural skin health. The open design with strong adhesive tabs enables easy changing when standing or lying down and can be easily re-fastened and adjusted for a perfect, secure fit. For freshness, the product features an Odour Neutralizer and a wetness indicator shows when it’s time to change.

TENA ProSkin Slip are available in a large variety of sizes and absorbency levels.

  • Triple Protection for Skin Health
  • FeelDry Advanced™
  • Highly absorbent core

Why it’s great

Triple protection

Triple Protection for Skin Health

Triple Protection for dryness, softness and leakage security to help maintain natural skin health.

FeelDry Advanced™

The topsheet and distribution layer draws liquid away from the surface, keeping the skin dry.

Highly absorbent core

Fast-acting, highly absorbent core provides leakage security.

Breathable materials

Textile like, breathable materials that allow air to circulate for skin health and comfort.

Extra wide hook tapes secure a comfortable fit

Easy to fasten and adjust multiple times to achieve a perfect fit, protection and high comfort.

Accredited by Skin Health Alliance

The Skin Health Alliance accredits all TENA ProSkin products so you can be sure they are always skin-friendly. The accreditation gives you peace of mind that independent skin health experts have verified the products as skin safe.

Wetness indicator

The wetness indicator on the outside of the incontinence product turns from yellow to blue when it is time to change.

Dermatologically tested

TENA ProSkin products are evidence based and dermatologically tested to ensure their effectiveness and gentleness.

Odour Neutralizer

Neutralizes odours instantly and continuously.

How it fits

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Usage instructions for TENA Slip on a user lying down

Watch this short film on how to apply TENA Slip

How to apply TENA Slip on a user lying down

How it’s sustainable

TENA Protects Program

TENA Protects Program

Our TENA Protects Program is about protecting people and their well-being alongside decreasing our climate impact.
Certified renewable electricity

Certified renewable electricity

We use certified renewable electricity in the factories producing TENA in Europe.
TENA is committed to reduce the carbon footprint for products or services by 2030. One step to achieve this is by switching to electricity from renewable sources such as e.g. water, wind or solar, in our factories. The electricity in our factories is purchased externally and is certified with guarantees of origin. These certificates are not created by us, but are issued by external institutes like the European Electricity Certification System (EECS) to secure credibility. By doing so we support the development of renewable electricity on all markets.
TENA Recyclable packaging icon

Recycable packaging

The packaging is technically recyclable, according to RecyClass design-for-recycling criteria, for various purposes. Actual recycling depends on several factors, e.g. the local availability of a recycling system.