Coronavirus: TENA supports family care-givers and their loved ones

We know this is an extremely challenging time for those of us looking after an elderly relative. 
Hygiene is always important and currently even more so than ever. Below you’ll find some simple hygiene tips when providing care. 
If you are worried about getting hold of TENA products you can order online via retailers or pharmacists, or even direct from TENA at [xxxxxxx.xx] 
If you are a professional caregiver click here [link to TPW] for more information.
We are here to support you and your loved ones every way we can. 

Simple Hygiene Tips

Following hygiene routines is always important, especially when we care for someone that is more vulnerable to illnesses and can more easily become infected. Here are a few simple tips in how to avoid cross infection during care routines.
  • Practice thorough hand hygiene before and after care routines 
  • Wear disposable gloves / apron if possible and wash / disinfect hands  before and after use
  • Discard apron / gloves after every care instance
  • Avoid wearing jewellery on your hands and wrists (e.g. rings, watches) to avoid any contamination 
  • Wear short sleeves, to make it easier to follow proper hand hygiene
  • Clean any spills or dirt up straightaway using disinfectant
  • Do regular cleaning of areas in the house where indirect transmission could occur: door handles, toilet system, handrails etc
 For more information how to protect yourself and your loved one please visit WHO -  [or link to local authority]