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Understanding makes all the difference

A little girl with curly hair asleep on an elderly woman
Understanding is a powerful thing. Knowing and understanding the facts on children’s incontinence can help you speak openly with your child to bust myths, and help to minimalize the anxiety and embarrassment that they, and you, might feel.
That’s why it’s just as important for TENA to create incontinence products to keep your child dry and secure, as it is to pass on tips and advice from fellow parents, teachers and health care professionals. This way you can have the knowledge and understanding you need to give your child the best support and care. Ensuring that they can lead a happy and healthy childhood. 

Always innovating

Leaks are one of the key concerns when it comes to day-wetting and bed-wetting for parents and children alike – especially as they get older. They want to feel like everyone else and not stand out with something that highlights their incontinence. So when it comes to innovation, for TENA it’s as much about developing technologies for rapid absorption, as it is for innovating with understanding. To create designs that help your child feel secure, comfortable and ready to take on the day – or have a good night’s sleep.
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