Quality care is cost-effective

As a parent or carer when it comes to incontinence, your child’s well-being is absolutely your number one priority. Sometimes the added costs of care, on top of knowing how to handle the situation, can heighten the stress. Not just the monetary costs, but the time spent managing the issue when you’d much rather be spending quality time with your child. Investing in the right products that suit your child’s needs and situation, can help save you in the long run. 

Fewer leaks mean fewer changes

Secure protection and effective dryness ensure fewer leaks. This means you can spend less time changing and washing, have fewer disposals and therefor lower your costs. 

Prevent unnecessary skin irritation

Always look for quality, dermatologically tested products. Not only will they help to ensure soft and healthy skin, they will help to prevent you from having to throw away purchases that irritate your child.

Ensure confidence

Finding the right products can also have a huge benefit, not only for your child’s physical well-being, but their emotional health too. Effective protection with rapid absorption prevents dampness and leaks, helping your child feel secure and comfortable, therefore confident and happy.

Protection saves, time and money

Besides the dryness protection of a pant, pull-up or diaper, investing in a TENA under pad (mattress protector) is a smart way help absorb any bed-wetting accidents. This can extend the life of your child’s mattress and also help ease the stress of night time changes. A good trick is to layer up; one sheet, then the under pad, then another sheet. This way after an accident during the night, you can easily remove the top two layers and the bed is already partially made up. 

Plan your shopping

Another great way to be thrifty and save time and money for the more important things, is to write and stick to a shopping list. This way you get what you really need, and avoid impulse buys. When it comes to incontinence products, think about what your child’s specific needs are; their age, size, weight and activity, to ensure you select the right product in the first place.  
To find out what products are best for your child, see the full TENA product range for children.

Financial aid

In some countries you might be able to seek financial aid for incontinence products that have been prescribed to your child. To find out more information and to see if this applies to your situation, speak to your doctor or healthcare professional.