Undress with confidence

Today, the vast majority of pads and liners for incontinence are white. But if you’re like most women, you own at least one pair of underwear that are black. Maybe a lot more. And sometimes this mismatch can be, well, a bit limiting.

There is any number of undressing situations — at the gym, on the beach, in the bedroom — when we might not appreciate the sight of a white pad or liner showing through our black underwear. And with only white options to choose from, many women with have not enjoyed the freedom of being able to wear the colour that matches their mood, and still undress with confidence. 

Until now.  

TENA Silhouette Noir all-black pads and liners for are specifically designed to become invisible in black underwear. 

Both the pads and the liners are very thin, so you’ll hardly notice them at all. What you will notice is the Triple Protection they offer, ensuring that leaks, odour and moisture are locked away deep inside the pad. TENA Silhouette Noir liners and pads are also perfume-free and to avoid irritating sensitive skin.  

At TENA, we’re on a mission to challenge outdated perceptions of women with bladder weakness. Our aim is to help women feel sexy, confident and able to wear what they like without being restricted by the colour or shape of their underwear.  

Whether it’s travelling, working out, meeting friends, or getting romantic, TENA Silhouette lets you choose underwear that fits your mood, not your pad, and still undress with confidence, even in front of others.  

After all, incontinence shouldn’t have to affect your confidence.