World Continence Week 2022

Here at TENA we’re big fans of World Continence Week – a global initiative to raise awareness for continence, and improve wellbeing through research and development. Let's break the silence, myths and stigmas!


Our bodies change. So should the conversation.

Let’s make this the #LastLonelyMenopause

A hand places a TENA SmartCare change indicator on the front of someone’s absorbent incontinence product.

Innovative solutions

We're breaking new ground

At TENA we develop innovative solutions to help people with incontinence live a full, active life. One of these innovations is the TENA SmartCare™ Change Indicator. It notifies caregivers digitally when an incontinence product needs to be changed – enabling more dignified, sustainable care, and making life easier for everyone.

It's time to talk about it

Digital health for an ageing population

People are living longer lives – and that’s a good thing. But what does it mean for the future of elder care? In conversation with our head of innovation on global trends in caregiving, and innovating for continence, not incontinence.


Understanding urinary incontinence in adults

Becoming incontinent as an adult can be distressing and disorienting, especially for those who don’t know much about it. Here’s a breakdown on different kinds of incontinence, along with tips and advice on how to manage it.


5 myth-busting facts about incontinence

  1. Myth: Incontinence only affects the elderly.
    Fact: One in three women over the age of 35 experience urine leakage, including little leaks.1

  2. Myth: Incontinence mostly affects women.
    Fact: As many as one in four men over the age of 40 experience leakage issues.2 

  3. Myth: I don't know anyone with incontinence.
    Fact: Incontinence affects an estimated 400 million people worldwide. It's likely that that includes someone you know.3

  4. Myth: Drinking less fluids will help control urinary incontinence.
    Fact: Drinking at least six to eight glasses of water per day helps keep your bladder functioning properly.4

  5. Myth: Incontinence = bad hygiene
    Fact: Purpose-made products lock urine and odour away from the body, providing discreet freshness, comfort and good hygiene.5 

10 must-know facts about incontinence 

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