TENA incontinence products

A middle-aged women reclines on a bed, wearing a black bra and black TENA Silhouette incontinence underwear with wavy lingerie waist. The product package is visible in the foreground.

Just like underwear

TENA Silhouette underwear represents a new level of style for women with incontinence.

Together with pharmacist expertise and the full TENA range for women, this new product innovation can strengthen pharmacists' position as a one-stop shop for all health related needs of women.

A woman sits on her bed wearing TENA ProSkin Pants Night.

Great style, superb protection

Just like underwear 

  • NEW unique wavy lingerie waistline replicating real lingerie 
  • NEW elegant and feminine all-around print pattern (Blanc) 
  • Comfortable soft fit fabric and breathable materials 
  • Soft and discreet elastic waistband 
  • Front and back indication for a real underwear look 

Secure protection

  • Dual leakage barriers and superabsorbent core effectively prevent leakage 
  • Designed to stay in place

Close up on a woman’s hips as she pulls up her black TENA Silhouette incontinence underwear with wavy lingerie waist.

Wide assortment 

  • Noir, Créme and Blanc colors 
  • High and low waist 
  • Different styles and sizes 
  • Elegant leg cut 

Incredible discretion

  • Virtually invisible under clothes 
  • Options to match clothes and occasions 
  • Unique black color inside and out – 360 coverage for superior discretion

Close up on a woman’s hips as she adjusts the elastic of her TENA Proskin Pants Night

A woman reclines on a bed wearing a white bra, and white TENA Silhouette incontinence underwear with wavy lingerie waist.
It's reassuring, feminine, discreet, really makes me want to buy it.

Pad user, France

TENA Silhouette pads and liners

Wear the clothes that suit your unique personality - not your pad, or your liner. TENA Silhouette pads and liners are feminine, discreet and designed to blend perfectly with underwear. They are dermatologically tested and safe for skin, with no chance of rubbing off. Plus they come with TENA Triple Protection against leaks, odour and moisture.

Outstanding in use, stands out on the shelf

  • New high-impact packs grab attention
  • Clearly communicates choices
  • Distinctive premium pack
  • Contemporary design
  • Optimised pack dimensions

Helping women live life fully every day

  • Incontinence liners
  • Incontinene pads
  • Incotinence underwear
  • Washable incontinence underwear
  • Incontinence pants
  • Kegel trainer
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Helping men keep control when it matters

TENA Men helps you keep control of urine leakage with top-of-the-line incontinence products like pants and pads. We also offer great resources for managing male bladder leakage, including insightful how-to videos and effective pelvic floor exercises.

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Helping caregivers help their loved ones

We know how important it is to be there for our loved one, and we've developed a wide range of products to help caregivers better manage their day-to-day lives: things like slips, pants, wet wipes, wash cream, wash mousse, barrier cream and zinc cream - all designed to help your loved one to maintain their independence and dignity.

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