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New needs – new, improved incontinence products

Today’s women want to enjoy an active lifestyle longer without being restricted by health issues, and this includes incontinence. We listened to their needs and the result is new, improved TENA Discreet Pads+, which includes TENA Discreet Extra, Extra Plus and Maxi, innovations combining fantastic discretion and security with a feminine design.

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New, improved TENA Discreet Pads+, thinner design and just as secure

TENA Discreet Pads+ feature a new design that is thinner at the front and back as well as an improved fit, designed to follow the body shape more naturally. InstaDRY technology quickly captures and locks in leaks and odours, keeping the wearer fresh and dry while soft, pliable materials enhance their comfort. The innovations are developed to help women maintain an active lifestyle with discreet, secure and feminine incontinence products.

TENA Discreet Pads+ features

More discreet

  • Thinner front and back(1)
  • Pliable, soft and comfortable materials

Maximum security

  • InstaDRY technology quickly captures leaks and odours
  • Faster acquisition and inlet

More feminine

  • Contemporary appealing print design
  • Back sheet confirming front and back

Improved fit

  • Molds to the body with an asymmetrical shaped core

Quick wrap

  • For easy handling and a more premium look and feel

New, improved incontinence products inside, attractive new packaging outside

TENA Discreet Pads+ feature our distinctive new premium pack design, making them an eye-catching choice on the product shelf. The product characteristics are clearly communicated, helping your customers find her perfect solution.

TENA Discreet Pads+

Meet the needs of today’s women and increase your pharmacy business

New and improved TENA Discreet Pads+ are part of the TENA range for women – the most relevant assortment of discreet, secure and feminine incontinence products that suits the needs of today’s women. It includes products in different absorption levels, styles, sizes and colours for all needs and usage occasions. By appealing to women, the TENA range for women will support you to grow your pharmacy business – maximizing the potential of incontinence products, creating new possibility to build customer loyalty and the opportunity for cross-selling.


1Thinner front and back vs previous Extra and Extra Plus
2Scandinfo, Product test TENA Discreet Extra 2017 FR