Helping women find the right protection with TENA Discreet

Too many women are using the wrong products for their incontinence care, so they're not getting the best protection. You can meet their needs with TENA Discreet - a range of market-leading products, specifically designed to absorb urine, that offers up to 23 hours of dryness. With longer-lasting, superior protection, first-time customers are more likely to become long-time customers, helping you grow your business. That's better care for everyone.

A confident 40+ woman holding a TENA Discreet pad & full TENA Discreet product range.

Up to 12 hours of dryness

TENA purpose-made incontinence pads are specifically designed to handle a rapid flow of liquid, so they can absorb urine much faster than period products. Our purpose-made pads are designed for thinness and discretion, so they're much thinner than you'd expect. TENA pads also contain super-absorbent gel beads that minimise odour and lock moisture away from the surface of the pad, so it stays comfortably dry for up to 12 hours.

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TENA Discreet Ultra - Ultra Thin, Ultra Discreet

First-time customers will love TENA Discreet Ultra - ultra thin and ultra discreet pads - ideal for women making the switch from period products to purpose-made incontinence protection.

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TENA Discreet Ultra - Ultra Thin, Ultra Discreet

Giving women the confidence to be themselves

Incontinence shouldn't prevent women from enjoying life. We're here to help you support women by recommending the right product for their needs, to help them feel comfortable and confident.

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Building your shelf with TENA Discreet

Our attractive new pack design will include our 12 hours of dryness claim to stand out in-shelf and drive purchase. Here are some more tips to help maximise visibility, accessibility and profitability. 

  • TENA Discreet products should be placed together as a range, vertically or horizontally depending on number of listed SKUs (horizontal block is more impactful if only few TENA Discreet products are listed).

  • Products should be placed logically according to absorbency and size, from Mini to Maxi, from light to heavy.

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