New TENA Men Active Fit Pants

Protection where you need it most

You don’t need to go to the ends of the earth to find discreet protection that fits you like a glove. 
In a soft, stretchy, breathable navy blue material they’re discreet and look like regular, everyday underpants. So, you can keep control, no matter what you’re doing.
Icon pants made for men

Pants made for men

New TENA Men Active Fit Pants have been designed to fit the male anatomy with space and a secure absorption zone up front, giving you protection against urine leakage where you need it most.
Icon discreet protection

Discreet Protection

A discreet fit in a dashing navy blue, TENA Men Active Fit Pants look and feel more like regular underwear.
Icon secure absorption zone

Secure absorption zone

Ready for whatever you are, the secure absorption zone and absorption core efficiently lock in leaks, to keep you dry.
Icon unique odour control system

Unique Odour Control System

The TENA Men range features our unique Odour Control System, to prevent unwanted smells and keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.
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Man approved

”90% of TENA Men Pants users would purchase them.”

Stirling Gravitas