STAY FOCUSED with the new TENA Men Protective Shield

One in four men

One in four men…

Did you know that one in four men over forty suffer from urine leakage*? Mostly it’s just small drips and dribbles. That shouldn’t stop any man from staying focused on more important things.
Illustration denoting no more handmade solutions

No more homemade solutions

Many men use homemade solutions, like stuffing paper down their underwear. The TENA Men Protective Shield is purpose made to absorb drips and dribbles. You’ll find that it’s far more secure and comfortable than homemade solutions.
Illustration of a silhouette of a man

Designed for men

The TENA Men Protective Shield is extra thin for a perfect fit. It is also secure and locks in small leaks. Smart.
Illustration of shorts for men

Discretely black

The TENA Men Protective Shield is discretely black, since most men wear dark underwear. It also prevents unwanted odours.

Stirling explains the TENA Men Protective Shield