Incontinence products

TENA products absorb leakage and neutralise the smell, so you can work, socialise and do the activities you love without worries

TENA products are specifically developed to take care of urine leakage, unlike for example sanitary pads. They also neutralise the smell from ammonia that results from bacteria processing the urine. TENA incontinence protection comes in a wide range of products, each in different absorbency levels and sizes – all so you can find the perfect solution that fits you. In the range there are also products that help people who need care and assistance.


TENA Lady is a range of bladder weakness protection for women, for you to feel dry and secure in your everyday life. They are discreet, and actually absorb twice as much as a similarly sized sanitary pad.


The TENA Men range is designed for men to feel comfortable and dry all day. The cup shape ensures a snug fit that is unnoticeable under clothes, and an adhesive strip keeps it securely in the underpants.

TENA Pants

TENA Pants look and feel like normal underwear and keep you feeling fresh, dry and confident. The material is developed to feel as soft as fabric against the skin.


TENA Flex is a belted brief designed to be easy to change without compromising on protection. It is especially useful for patients who are confined to bed or may require assistance. The breathable material is extra kind to the skin.


TENA Slip is developed for people who need assistance. It has maximum absorption and is also suitable for faecal incontinence. It’s easy to change, and the breathable material allows the air to circulate to prevent dampness and skin problems.

TENA Comfort

This protection comes in 5 absorbency levels
and is designed to be used with washable
TENA Fix pants.
They are anatomically designed for comfort and security and the FeelDry topsheet ensures long-lasting dryness. A wetness indicator on the outside makes it easy to assess whether changing is required and reducing the need for intrusive checking. However, for those who need assistance with changing, such as those who are bedridden, we think you’ll find TENA Flex the better option as it is
easier to change if the wearer is lying down.


These washable stretch pants ensure that the TENA Comfort pad stays secured in place. The soft, elastic edges and latex free material guarantee comfort and can be washed several times without losing their shape. Suitable for both men and women.


A disposable pad for hygienic protection of beds and chairs against accidental urine loss.
• Made of 100% virgin fluff pulp for maximum
hygiene and comfort
• Consumer-packaged in three sizes
• Suitable for adults and children
• 40 – 60 cms
• 60 – 60 cms
• 60 – 90 cms